menopause signsWhat Is Menopause?

Nowadays, we are all living longer than our ancestors and consequently research into menopause is relatively recent. When life expectancy was shorter, most women did not live long after menopause and so little was known about it. Fortunately that has now changed and it seems with every passing month, there is a new study or a new article about the latest `breakthrough` on menopause.


I had my first symptom about three years ago. I was eating with friends and out of nowhere, I got REALLY hot and sweaty – I also felt as though the walls were closing in on me and I just had to get out of there. Once outside, I felt immediately better and after a couple of minutes I was cool enough to return to my friends. I now know that this was a hot flash, but at the time I didn`t know what the heck was going on.

Menopause Symptoms

After that I experienced flashes and night sweats more regularly, I also put on weight that I couldn`t shift and got confused over things that I usually found really easy.

I suppose the turning point came when I began feeling really down for no reason. I`m normally quite upbeat and so this was totally out of character for me. If you`re suffering from menopause depression or anxiety, please read the article.

I considered HRT but decided that it wasn`t for me and so looked into alternatives – and hey presto – this site was born.

Here I can share with you my experiences of menopause and pass on tips and advice that have helped me.

Just remember that you`re not alone, there is a community of women out there in the exact same position you are today. So, join in. Share your experiences and make some new friends.

I have tried to include as much information as possible so that you may see how a few small lifestyle changes can help minimise your symptoms and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Signs of Menopausemenopause hot flush

Technically speaking `the menopause` is referring to your last ever period, but nowadays we often refer to this time in our lives as`going through` menopause.

The Menopausal Mind

It has long been accepted that menopause – and some of its most unpleasant symptoms, such as hot flashes and night sweats – starts in the ovaries.  But new research challenges that assumption and instead suggests that menopausal symptoms, at least in part, may begin in the brain

These findings may lead the way to further research that will ultimately help doctors predict the type of menopausal experience a woman might have  and subsequently help to design non-estrogen medications that could help reduce the symptoms

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Spotting During Menopause

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Menopause Signs

The word menopause is  from the greek words meno – month and  pause – to end

Memory Problems Are Normal

menopause helpDid you know that the largest study of its kind recently confirmed that around 60% of menopausal women suffer a dip in their ability to learn and retain information.  So if you are having `memory wobbles`, you certainly are not alone. But the good news is that most will recover and the amount of learning should improve back to pre-menopausal levels after menopause. There are more menopause facts in this video.

Hopefully, we are all more knowledgeable and aware of the changes that menopause can have on our mind and body and we easily recognise the first signs of menopause.



A second recent claim suggests that eggs form in a female’s ovary while she is still in the womb, peaking at several million about halfway through gestation and then starting a continuous decline.  At birth, there are several hundred thousand and, when menstruation begins, about 300,000. At about age 37, a woman has about 25,000 eggs left, and at menopause only about 1,000.

And while doctors can’t actually count the number of eggs in an ovary, they can measure ovarian volume. British researchers say there’s a direct correlation between the two, and by measuring ovarian volume with trans-vaginal ultrasound, doctors should be able to predict when menopause will set in and how many fertile years a woman has left.

According to the study authors, this information will revolutionize the care of women looking for assisted reproductive technologies, including those who were treated for childhood cancers as well as women who want to put off starting a family for whatever reason.


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