How is DNA connected with onset of menopause?

peri-menopauseRecently researches were conducted in some of the well known research institute and universities of the world by eminent scientist to find out the connection between menopause and the gene structures in our body.

Previously, scientists could identify as many as 4 gene regions which are directly related to menopause. However, recent researches in this genre have identified 13 additional areas of genome which also directly impacts the occurrence of menopause.

The researches in the genre were conducted by eminent scientists from the University of Exeter, Boston University and University of Oxford. They are continuing with their research to come up with further correlation between DNA and the menopause timings to identify medication for post menopausal problems like heart related disease, osteoporosis and others problems.

Factors Related to Menopause

Menopause is one of the important hormonal alterations that take place in the body of  women when they are in their late 40’s or early 50‘s. These drastic hormonal changes are directly related to the fertility in women and at the same time they may also trigger some serious diseases such as breast cancer. Researchers have identified 13 genes in the body of women that are mainly related with the immune system and hormonal discharge in the body that are correlated with the occurrence of menopause. Therefore researches were conducted in this regard to see how this phenomenon is related to the genomes in an individual’s body and how it can be influenced with the help of medication to treat these problems effectively.

Correlation Between Menopause and Diseases

Recent research shows that menopause at an earlier stage can prevent breast cancer. Investigations are going on in this respect and it has been deducted that oestrogen, the female hormone is directly related to the cancer. The secretion of oestrogen during the span of time a woman menstruates is one of the important causes of breast cancer. It can be generally seen that in the post menopausal period there is an increase tendency among women to suffer from heart disease. Studies have revealed that reduction in the secretion of the female hormone triggers such diseases.

The Primary Aim of the Studies

Scientists are of the opinion that there are some genes in the bodies of women that are directly related with the onset of menopause. They are trying to locate these particulars genes in the female body and determine why some women have early menopause. The researchers also claim that these will help them to determine the reason behind different kinds of disorders related with child birth.

The results from these researches try to determine the causes behind early menopause with special focus on the genes related to it. They are of the opinion that if they can determine the cause and find out ways to stop it, then the women’s can be safeguarded from a lot of post menopausal diseases or diseases caused due to early menopause. The outcome of these researches will help in innovating successful therapies that will be beneficial for the women suffering from these problems.

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