5 Foods to Reduce the Risks of Heart Attacks

stop heart attackA heart attack is one of the most complicated health problems these days. The studies have shown the fact that heart attacks can be prevented if the patient follows a proper diet schedule and exercise regime. If someone has faced a heart attack once, they are always afraid of the possibility of a second attack. However, the odds of a second heart attack can be greatly improved.

There are a few foods which you must avoid if you do not want to undergo the pain of a stroke the next time. Even if, you have a heart patient at home, you must avoid the following foods:

1) Say ‘No’ to chips, crackers and store-bought pastries and baked foods

These days, children, youngsters, adults and even older people are drawn to eating foods such as doughnuts, muffins, chips and baked foods. These food items contain hydrogenated oils which are not good for the heart. They increase the level of cholesterol in the human body which in turn,  increases the risks of a heart attack. If the person has already experienced a heart attack, they must avoid these foods if they want to remiain healthy in the long term.

2) Exclude processed and smoked food from your diet

Many people like to eat sausage, pastrami hot dogs and smoked turkey sandwich. These foods must not be eaten by a heart patient. The preservative in packed foods have sodium nitrate and nitrate which may damage the blood vessels. This can cause hardening and narrowing of arteries. The narrowing of the arteries causes heart strokes and serious heart problems. That is why, it is recommended to avoid these foods.

3) Diet Soda

Children and young people love to drink diet soda. However, it is not very good for your heart because it can trigger a heart stroke. A study has shown the fact that the diet soda may increase a heart attack risk by 48%. It has also been shown that the risks of heart attacks are 60% more in older people who drink diet soda on a daily basis rather than those who take them occasionally. You can replace this drink with fresh juice, lemon water and other health drinks. This will prevent the possibility of a heart attack to a large extent.

4) Don’t eat too much Red meat

The healthcare industry has also shown in the studies, that the women who take red meat on a daily basis are 42% more prone to heart attacks than the ones who don’t eat it. This is because this food contains high saturated fat content. This increases the risks of heart attack and if your family member has already undergone  heart treatment, you must restrict him or her eating red meat. In order to avoid that, you can start taking white meat and fish. Besides that, you can also include beans, non-fat dairy, legumes, tofu and nuts.

5) Canned Soups

Canned spaghetti, soup, frozen dinners and pre-packed foods, contain sodium which increases the flavour and taste of the food. The person who has an unhealthy heart should never eat such food. It is a well known fact that sodium damages the blood vessels and may increase the chances of heart attacks. It is recommended to replace them with homemade soups and lots of fresh fruits and veggies.



Above mentioned are some of the tips which you can follow to avoid the occurrence of a heart attack for the second time. However, it is also recommended to get in touch with a health care provider who can suggest to you an appropriate diet.

Author Bio – Paul Wilson is a health care practitioner and has started writing for article directories to help people. His articles on marketing healthcare have been published on various health related websites.

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