MenopauseHi Everyone

My name is Hannah Cooke, I`m in my early 50`s and going through menopause.

Menopause – “the change” – it creeps up without warning and bam, your periods become erratic, you get hot flashes at the most inconvenient of times and your waistband expands two sizes.

Once I started to experience the first signs of menopause, I immediately hit my computer and researched as much information as I could find.  And boy was there a lot!

It took me weeks and weeks of internet browsing – and at the end of it, I was mentally exhausted and not much wiser.

And that is why I decided to put together this site.  I wanted somewhere that women could visit that would answer all  their questions  and where they could find out about all the treatments available – and discover what actually works and what is a complete waste of money.

I hope that you benefit from this information as much as I have and I would love to hear from you about your menopausal experiences (good and bad!)

My Very Best Wishes