Balanced Woman

Menopause Woman

Product Information:

USP pharmaceutical grade progesterone cream

Helps to prevent symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes

Cruelty free. Contains NO mineral oil or chemicals

Contains the antioxidant power of Activin

Menopause Review


John R. Lee, M.D. was internationally acknowledged as a pioneer and expert in the natural hormone progesterone and hormone replacement therapy. He used transdermal progesterone extensively in his practice for nearly a decade.

Balanced Woman: What We Like

  • The pump dispenser as the integrity of the product is preserved
  • Absorbs into the skin pretty quickly
  • Has a long history behind the product
  • Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied

Balanced Woman: What We Don`t Like

  • Is a little more expensive than other progesterone creams
  • The `how to` instructions were not clear enough for our liking
  • Slight smell that made our noses twitch


Recommended sites for using the cream are on the inner part of the arm between elbow and wrist or underneath the breast. We preferred the arm as it was more convenient and we didn`t get cream on our bra.  Although to be honest, it didn`t seem to make any difference where it was used. Great for menopausal symptoms in general, especially cramps, mood swings and headaches .

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Jar creams will be tainted by your fingers- the pump is the way to go. Sturdy container, good directions, offers more information for people looking to help themselves when everything else seems to fail. My only drawback is the slight smell. I do like the cream, the ease of use (only 14 days out of the month), and the natural ingredients, but there is a slight smell-but that is me. My skin seems more sensitive than most-this cream doesn’t cause me to break out into a rash or create pimples to form! That makes me happy!!! I also have a clearer mind (less forgetful), my exercise is now starting to make a difference, and I also am more …um… lubricated for you know what-huge issue for many women! I do recommend this cream!


Being a breast cancer survivor, I had done extensive research to avoid negative menopausal symptoms and found that I needed to stay away from all estrogen based products. I find that I can think clearer – things are less foggy, if you know what I mean and I feel altogether calmer and less stressed.


Balanced Woman was my no.1 choice


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