Benefits Of Flaxseed

benefits of linseedWhat Is Flaxseed?

Flaxseed in an essential fat that will benefitĀ  your general health and is also known as Linseed in the UK.The flax plant is an annual that grows up to one hundred centimetres tall. The seeds come from the flowers and are available to buy whole, ground, or pressed. They can be sprinkled over cereal, added to soups, salads and a variety of other culinary delights. The oil can be drizzled over salads, vegetables etc and once purchased, should be kept in the refrigerator and used within the time stated on the bottle.

Although it is quite recent that flaxseed has soured in popularity, it has actually been in use for many years. An acknowledgement of its health benefits is the fact that as well as selling in grocery outlets, it can also be found in most health food stores.

The Health Benefits

So, exactly what are the health benefits? Well, as well as containing a high level of polyunsaturated oil, flaxseed is a powerful antioxidant and high in both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. This is beneficial for skin, hair, nails and heart and it is also claimed that flaxseed taken daily can help with weight loss. It can help boost your metabolism and make benefits of linseedyou feel fuller for longer. The essential fats in flaxseed oil cause the stomach to retain food for a longer period of time, compared with a no or low fat diet. The seeds and the oil are also a good source of dietary fiber, which helps to promote a healthy digestive system.

Taking between one and two tablespoons of flaxseed oil per day is recommended for optimal health benefits.

Flaxseed Oil v `Bad` Oil

If you`re concerned about flaxseed oil being a type of fat, you need not worry. The fatty acids in the oil contain essential nutrients that work with the body to supply it with the nutrients it craves. Thereby reducing, if not eliminating completely the craving for sweet and fatty foods. Furthermore, flaxseed oil is converted to compounds in the body that stimulate the metabolic process. Once stimulated, this generates more heat and burns more calories.

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