Benefits of Positive Thinking

 help for menopauseThe Benefits of Being Positive

 Studies show that thinking positively can make us happier, enjoy life more and even help us live longer. If you think it’s some new age fad, get this: the data is real (,28804,1963392_1963365_1963378,00.html) and you may be missing out on a more fulfilling life by not paying attention.

Positive thinkers are better able to cope with stress and stressful situations. Whether it’s making mortgage payments on time, holding on to a job or something in your personal life, stress plays a part in most of our lives and has a direct effect on our overall well being and happiness. When dealing with stressful issues, positive thinkers focus on the things they can do to solve problems and make things better, instead of dwelling on the frustration or disappointment, like negative thinkers tend to. Not only does this approach result in faster, more effective changes, it keeps the mind in a happier state.

It’s also believed by many doctors and scientists that thinking positively can help fight off common ailments like colds, while negative thinking can actually hurt your immune system by weakening your brain’s response to illnesses and medicine. Studies have also shown that often people dealing with disease recover faster with a positive attitude than those with a negative one. Bottom line, a positive attitude can lead to a healthier immune system and your better overall health.

Some studies have even gone so far to say that a positive attitude will extend your life span – even longer than quitting smoking or exercising regularly. In fact, a team of psychologists revealed that people who were positive about getting older lived an average of 7.5 years longer than those who viewed it negatively. And some believe that by spending about 7 or so minutes being more positive every day, we can add an estimated 10 years to our life span. Not bad for 7 minutes a day.

Thinking positively is not always easy. The best course is to start treating positive thinking as a change in your daily routine and how you can deal with everyday occurrences in a better way. Creative visualization is also a great way to start viewing life in a more positive light. By focusing on the goals and what you want to achieve, whether it be money, success or love, you begin to view everything more positively, which makes it more possible to attain true happiness. For a great read check out

And for more tips on how to think more positively, here is a great link.—Tips-for-a-Happier-and-Healthier-Frame-of-Mind&id=717352.

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