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diet supplementsI really didn`t want to include an article on diet pills as I firmly believe that the best way to lose weight and to keep it off is by sensible eating and adequate  exercise.

However, I have been asked many times which diet pills I would recommend and so I have made the decision to give you an explanation of the types available and what they do – or are supposed to do. So that if you decide to go down this route, at least you won`t buy rubbish or dangerous  products. I have researched this market extensively and can now reveal which brands I would recommend – and which I warn against using

When I made the decision to research diet pills, I thought that I would have a long list of recommendations to tell you about. But the truth of it is that despite researching hundreds of different brands and cross matching them against each other and my rigorous expectations, I could only find two products that I feel happy about recommending, but I will continue to investigate other brands and update the list as necessary. As always, if you have any recommendations – good or bad – I would love to share them.

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Types of Diet Pills:

Metabolism Boosters:

Many dieters claim that they have a slow metabolism, but I have never come across anyone that cannot lose weight with a sensible food and exercise regime. Diet pills that claim to speed up the metabolism often say that the pills produce heat and stimulate the central nervous system. The fact is,  there is no scientific evidence to back up these claims. Some of these products have been responsible for unpleasant and potentially serious side effects.

Calorie Burners:

The manufacturers of these pills claim that they work by increasing the body’s temperature, so that the calories are used up faster. Fine if you are hoping to lose weight in the short term, but not so good when you stop taking the pills. Inevitably the weight will come back on and you will be back where you started.

Carb Blockers:

Doesn`t it sound perfect? Eat all the high fat/sugar food you want and stay at the weight you  desire, because the carb blockers will stop carbohydrates from being absorbed. But please be aware that no studies have been carried out to verify that carb blockers work in the long term and the companies behind them focus very much on short term success.

It is white kidney bean extract that is the active component in these supplements and apparently it interferes with the enzyme responsible for splitting carbohydrates. Subsequently, the carbohydrates are unable to be converted into fat. Of course every manufacturer will use different components to make up their supplement and so the effectiveness of each one will vary according to the formulation. Possible side effects include diarrhea, excessive gas and heartburn.

Fat Binders:

Work by binding fats in the stomach and creating a gel around them. This makes the fat structure too big for the body to absorb and it is eliminated naturally through the system. They are advertised as allowing users to eat whatever food they want as less fat is being absorbed.

Appetite suppressants:

Suppressants contain a component which works to suppress the appetite and so you feel as though you have just eaten a satisfying meal. Take care to ensure that you are consuming adequate nutrients and, as suppressants may also affect thirst, ensure that you are drinking enough fluid.

Providing you are sensible about using diet pills and use them purely in the short term at the same time as you strive to improve your eating habits, you may find that they are a useful aid. However, if you rely on diet supplements entirely to get the weight off, you will be in for a huge disappointment once you come off them and all the weight comes back on.

Diet Pills Checklist:

diet supplements Choose Natural Products

Many diet pills contain synthetic chemicals that can produce very nasty side effects

diet supplementsBuy Genuine

There are so many counterfeit products out there that it can be difficutl to tell which is genuine. Always choose a supplier that you trust because if the product is not genuine you will risk wasting your money and possibly damaging your health

diet supplementsVerified Claims

Do your research and find out which products are backed by genuine research as dietary supplements are not subject to the same standards as prescription medicines

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