Chillow Pillow

hot flashes

Cools & Refreshes

Product Description:

Relieves discomfort from overheating

Double sided cooling effect

Allergy Free

Doesn’t need refridgeration

hot flushes


An ingenious device for cooling down the effect of hot flashes and sweats. It does exactly what it says on the tin – it cools and refreshes  –  utter bliss when you`re roasting hot. At only two centimetres thick, it is lightweight and portable and recommended for people who suffer from hot flashes, fevers, night sweats, headaches, eczema, sunburn, muscle and/or joint pain, sporting injuries and many other conditions. Chillow Pillow is activated only once by simply filling it with water and the water is fully absorbed into the patented foam core. It is a unique  product and once activated it will keep on working, so it’s always ready for use when ever you need it.

Chillow Pillow: What We Like

  • Being double sided you can lay your head on it to cool your beetroot red face down and wrap your arms around it at the same time.
  • It is light, so it can be taken abroad when traveling – great news if your going to a hot country
  • The temperature is pleasantly cool, not freezing cold like some products and it`s always nice and soft

Chillow Pillow: What We Don`t Like

  • Does sometime scrunch up
  • Heats up to body temperature after a few hours
  • Pricewise, it`s not terrifily high, but it costs more than a packet of ice cold peas!


Some of our testers had tried the original Chillow Pillow, but all said that they prefer this newer version as it is double sided and much thicker. We looked at the cheaper versions but on balance, decided that as the Chillow Pillow is so well made, it will last us for many years and so works out to be more cost effective. Really shines in the short term when you really need a cooling friend, as it does heat up to body temperature over a few hours

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I bought the Chillow plus after having two of the standard Chillows. The standard Chillow constantly twists up and although you can remedy this by removing the cap and blowing air inside the constant twisting in my opinion weakens the seams which then fail and leak. The Chillow plus is about twice as thick and thus far hasn’t twisted any where near as much. As the Chillow plus is thicker it also stays cooler for longer. So for me worth the extra money.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oh, the discomfort of the hot flush. The heat creeping up from my armpits to the top of my head – or sometimes even appearing out of nowhere like an erupting volcano. And oh, the sheer bliss of wrapping my sweaty arms around a chillow pillow. Imagine stepping into a lovely cool shower when you`ve been sweltering for hours – that`s the way you feel after a couple of minutes with this little life saver.


I was sceptical about this product, especially being so expensive for what appeared to be ‘just a bit of plastic full of water’; however, as I suffer from hot flushes, often waking up with wet hair and pillowcase, and having spent the night flipping my pillow about several times (leading to a less than productive night’s sleep and often with a headache), I went ahead and purchased one and have used it the last 3 nights (during the recent warm spell) – how glad I am that I did.

I’ve used mine on top of my pillow but under my pillowcase and am pleasantly surprised at how cool it is around my head and neck and I went off to sleep very easily (even during a flush!). Mine has not scrunched up, in fact it has not moved from where I put it on the pillow and, although it is surprisingly very warm in the mornings, it has still kept my head cooler than without it. I take it out of the pillowcase in the morning and let it spend the day lying on top of the bed to get the air around it ready for the next night.

I think me and my Chillo are going to be very good friends!

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