Hoodia Ultra

hoodiaProduct Informaton:

hoodiaContains 60,000 mg. of Hoodia per bottle

hoodia ultraContinued benefit due to time release appetite suppressant

hoodiaNatural appetite suppressant to make you feel fuller for longer

hoodia2000 mg of Hoodia per serving, 2 pills per day


Hoodia is a desert plant that grows in some regions of Africa and resembles a cactus. It is difficult to grow and takes around five years to mature, before being harvested at it`s most ripe to maximize the potency. Genuine Hoodia is expensive and difficult to get hold of and unscrupulous manufacturers will sometimes use a Hoodia substitute as a cheaper alternative.

hoodia diet pills

Hoodia Ultra: What We Like

hoodia slimmingCurbs your appetite and reduces the urge to binge eat

hoodia slimmingAll natural ingredients

hoodia slimmingNot mixed with other ingredients that aren`t needed

slimming pillsTime release formula that gets rid of the highs and lows that many other products cause

slimming pillsNo reported side effects

slimming pillsReally good price for 3 months supply


Hoodia Ultra: What We Don`t Like

slimming tabletsDoes not work for everyone

slimming supplementsNot scientifically proven to help with weight loss

diet pillsManufacturers are web based with only an email address as point of contact

diet pillsHoodia must be grown or collected with a permit and we don`t know how stringently this is adhered to

diet pillsThere is a lack of published studies on the safety of Hoodia

diet pillsThere is no free trial or money back guarantee.


Hoodia is rapidly gaining popularity as a weight loss aid and seems to be well suited to those people who struggle with weight loss because they always feel hungry.  If that is the case, Hoodia might help you to eat less and not eat purely for the sake of it.

It apparently works because the time release formula makes you feel fuller for longer throughout the day. Some  products work for a few hours and then you experience the lows as your blood sugar level dips, sending you rushing for the nearest sugar laden treat. Hoodia convinces your brain and stomach into believing you’ve already eaten and therefore not hungry.

The problem is that the people who market Hoodia, claim that has no side effects. And they cite the fact that the San Bushmen in the Kalahari desert have been using hoodia for thousands of years. But the Bushmen didn`t live the same lifestyle as we do nowadays, didn`t suffer the same illnesses and therefore were not taking the same types of medication. Consequently, we can`t be sure how Hoodia will react with certain medicines and it hasn’t been subjected to enough safety checks to uncover any possible side effects or  interactions with certain types of drugs.

It is therefore recommended that people with diabetes should be cautious about using Hoodia as it may be possible that a person’s blood sugar could drop to a dangerously low level while taking it, as the normal warning signs may be suppressed.

It goes without saying that all dietary supplements will behave differently from individual to individual and you may not expereince the same result as your neighbor. But, from intensive research, if you do want to take a slimming supplement, Hoodia may be the one that is right for you.


This is the first Hoodia product I have ever bought, and I was skeptical to try it, but it has been working GREAT! I have been taking it for about two weeks, and in the last week I have lost about a pound a day! I have just been trying to lose like 12 pounds for the last year, but I have not been able to do it. I eat healthily and exercise, but I just never feel full, so I guess I eat too much in one sitting. The Hoodia helped me eat less and then not feel like I’m starving. I count my calories too, and one day I ate less than 1000 calories and felt fine. It’s good stuff, and I am so glad that I found it. If you have will power, (because you can still eat if you want to) this product is awesome

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I have found this Hoodia to work well when other brands I tried did not. My trainer at the gym recommended hoodia in general but not a paticular brand. She said that some brands work better than others. This is my third product I have tried and found that it works very well for helping to curb my appetite. One of the brands I tried didnt work at all and another didnt work as well as this brand. I am glad that I found this brand without trying other new ones.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This is my second time buying hoodia ultra 2000 time release high potency pills. i take them and do not feel hungry as i did before. they work great and i will continue to take them. i’m glad they are pure hoodia and not laced with other things that are not needed. i recomend them to anyone that wants to lose weight or just keep their weight under control.


This is a really nice price for hoodia. I was skeptical because of the price but when I tried it, I found that it worked as well as any other hoodia that I tried. I like that it came in separate bottles because it keeps it fresher, only having one open at a time. The time release feature is also helpful. It doesnt work all of the time for me but it works enought to make it worth it and it works as much or more often than other hoodia I have used.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I have found this to be among the best hoodia I could find. I experimented with a few diffrent brands and found this to be the most effective in helping me resist the temptation of eating extra food. A pure and potent hoodia is a good weight loss aid but if you are going to eat out of just habit and not whether you are hungry then you will not get the results you are hoping for. I plan to buy again.

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