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Discreet Device for Menopause

Product Information:

A small magnetic device that attaches discreetly to underwear

Natural remedy for the alleviation of menopause symptoms

Safe, drug free product designed to help reduce the symptoms of menopause

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LadyCare is a small powerful, medical device that simply attaches discreetly and comfortably to your underwear, a novel, safe, drug free product designed to help reduce the symptoms of menopause. Based on the principal of magnetic therapy.

Ladycare: What We Like

  • Very easy to wear and not noticeable
  • Really does seem to improve mood swings
  • Natural product if you don`t want to take supplements

Ladycare: What We Don`t Like

  • Price. At just over £20 it`s reasonably priced if it works, but a waste of money if it doesn`t
  • The manufacturers don`t offer a money back guarantee


I had heard great reports on this product and couldn`t wait to try it, so was a little disappointed to hear of the mixed reviews it received. On a good note, it was easy to fit, comfortable and unobtrusive and the testers who liked it, said that hot flushes disappeared, moods were improved and they felt less bloated.Unfortunately, others reported no improvements whatsoever – in fact no changes at all.Perhaps a longer testing period would show better results, but at the moment, the jury`s out on Ladycare. If you want to check out the Ladycare forum, here is the link: Ladycare

 We would love to hear from anyone else who tries it and discover if our findings are the same as yours.

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I have been wearing the Lady Care magnet for 3 months and I feel great, before using the magnet I was having hot sweats at night and was unable to sleep. But is has all stopped now and I am sleeping so much better. I have had no side effects for this magnet and just feel great.


I had had enough of sweating,aching,lack of sleep etc and was starting 2 regret having my hysterectomy…until i went and spoke 2 the chemist in Boots who advised me about this little magnet.My partner looked on in amusement as i paid but 24 hrs later he is amazed at the change in me….all i can say is, give it a try.


I would like to add, I have used Ladycare now for many years and also found that when I first started using it I noticed an increase of my symptoms, I called the helpline and was advised to continue use for short periods of time for a couple of weeks, within about a week I then noticed my symptoms were reducing dramatically, I still use ladycare to this day and have told many friends that are all singing the praises of this magic device. Dont give up trying I am sure you will be more than happy given time.

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