Menopause Anxiety

menopause depressionAlthough it is a normal transition in a woman`s life and most women go through it without too much trouble, for some it is the time we experience menopause anxiety, stress and in some cases severe depression.

Why Your Confidence  Suffers

Mentally,  many us of  like to deny that we are entering menopause as it does carry the stigma of `middle age` and therefore no longer a part of the younger generation.  Difficult as it may be for some (men and youngsters perhaps!) to understand, reaching menopause can be traumatic as well as delivering a huge knock to our confidence and self esteem

A friend of mine had always been slender and took great care of her appearance.  Once menopause began so did her weight gain. Pound by pound, until eventually she had put on ten pounds.  Not a lot, but enough to fill my dear friend with anxiety and grief.  She would burst into tears at the slightest provocation and we spent many hours together while she told me how unattractive she felt.  She said that she did not recognize herself anymore and felt like a different person.

And she was not alone in her grief, many women feel anxious as their bodies begin to change in ways that they have no control over.  And to top it all, menopause signals the end of a woman`s fertility, which can be devastating and have massive psychological impact on her state of mind.

Take Control

If you are just beginning to notice menopause signs and symptoms as in peri-menopause or actually moving into regular menopause and are experiencing any symptoms of stress or anxiety, there are steps that you can take to make the symptoms more manageable.menopause depression

By taking action immediately, you are taking control and although it may not be easy to admit that you need help to ease you through any  menopause anxiety or stress you may have, admitting that change is inevitable is an important step.

From there it is simply a matter of discussing with your doctor what the best course of treatment is.  As both the mind and body are affected, treatments which satisfy the needs of both are required.

Think Positive

Of course, we also need to be taking the best care that we can of ourselves, both mentally, emotionally and physically.  Eat regular, balanced meals, get plenty of good quality sleep, make sure that you stay active and healthy.  See the menopause as an exciting new chapter that is just waiting to be explored, rather than some dreaded black cloud that you just want to pass over and disappear.

Take Care Of Yourself

Treat yourself with facials and massages or just by indulging yourself in your favourite hobby.  This is the time to focus on you and is the perfect opportunity to try new experiences that thrill and excite you.  You will find that by focussing on all of the wonderful things that you have created within your life, you will have less time to focus on symptoms such as stress and menopause anxiety.

menopause stressBy remaining positive and upbeat, all of the happy endorphins will be whizzing round your body and you will feel buoyed and relaxed.  One of my all time favourite quotations that I often repeat to my clients is this: “Our consistent thoughts become our reality.” How true is that?

If you see the menopause as a time of misery and anxiety, you will certainly experience that.  If, on the other hand, you look forward to the new challenges that life will present you with, you will remain calmer, more relaxed and certainly have a much more pleasant experience.

Learn To Love YOU

To increase your self esteem, it is worth checking out the subliminal recording at How To Love Yourself.  This is a REALLY powerful way to change your attitude and your beliefs about yourself.

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  2. It`s no fun when you feel so depressed that you can`t see a way out!

  3. Stick wih it and things will eventually improve. There is help out there if you need it

  4. I spent many years suffering and not asking for help. I felt somehow as though
    it was my fault. If I had sought help earilier it would have been a lot easier for me.
    Don`t wait until things get REALLY bad

  5. There are lots of over the counter meds, but I prefer the natural approach.
    Herbs helped me – and yoga!

  6. I sometimes feel so angry that I just need to get the heck out of there.
    I spend some time alone and then I`m back ready to get on with things

  7. I feel so anxious at the moment that I can`t leave the house

  8. Take time out – do the things that you enjoy doing – spend some time nurturing and caring for yourself…it helps me

  9. I try to remain upbeat, but sometimes it`s just too difficult. I will keep trying different things until I find something that works. I never expected menopause to be this hard

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