Menopause Remedy

menopause helpIt`s strange  that so many women enter “menopause remedy” into the search engine, looking for answers. I mean, it`s not as though there is a “cure” for menopause, there can`t be because it isn`t an illness. From personal experience, I believe that a large part of the issue is not simply the problematic symptoms of menopause, but what it means psychologically to a woman.

Menopause Highs and Lows

Menopause signifies the end of a womans fertility and the undeniable fact that she is now officially “middle aged”. Now to some (men and under 30`s), this may seem trivial, but believe me, it isn`t. It can be a stressful, depressing and highly traumatic experience for any woman. If you`re finding your menopause is a wonderfully pleasant and fragrant experience, then this article isn`t for you, if not, then please read on.

For any woman who has always taken pride in her appearance, paid attention to her beauty regime and strived to maintain a healthy weight, middle age and its associated “symptoms”, such as menopause sweats,  is not a welcome arrival.

So anything that offers a menopause remedy seems irrestistable.

Are We Past Our Prime?

Wrinkles, sagging skin, weight gain, loss of elasticity…and bladder control, all go some considerable way to battering ones ego. In fact, I became quite depressed about the mere thought of reaching 50. I mean, read any newspaper or magazine article and a 50 year old woman is seen as motherly, dependable, mature…which is fine, but not when you also consider yourself vibrant, sexy and desirable.

How is it that those words are rarely used when talking about a 50 year old woman? And how come most of the television and film actresses are under 35?  It`s almost as if you reach your middle years and wham…you become instantly invisible.

Perhaps this is just my interpretation on the menopausal years, but offer me a menopause remedy and I`d be there like a shot.

Can Menopause Be Remedied?

It`s hardly surprising that many of the women I spoke with were either dreading their menopause, or going through it and wishing it over as soon as possible. Many felt that they had lost their identity and just didn`t feel like themselves anymore. The stigma of menopause seems to affect womens confidence far more than the actual symptoms.

And so, despite all opinion to the contrary, it is up to each and every menopausal women out there, to prove that we can give those 20 somethings dolly birds a run for their money. Remember, we have style, sophistication and experience.

 Always Look Your Best

When I was younger, my beauty routine was hit and miss to say the least, but now I pay special attention to my face and body and have regular beauty treatments. I don’t feel guilty about spending money on myself and always make sure that I`m looking my best…well you never know when opportunity may come knocking!

Nowadays, instead of getting up in the morning and avoiding the mirror at all costs, I put on my best lipstick and trot out of the house with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I have goals that I want to carry out for the day, week, month and even the year ahead and I make sure that I complete each and every one of them. And I`m not talking about doing the shopping or that pile of ironing that`s been in the basket all week. I`m talking about things that I want to do.

Take dancing lessons, learn to scuba dive, re-train as a beauty therapist, it doesn`t matter what it is, so long as it makes you feel good and gets you excited about the future. Keep pushing those boundaries and surprise yourself, you never know what latent talent has been lurking within.

And yes, if there was a menopause remedy, I would be first in line.


  1. Anyone else notice that they`re sex drive has dwindled? My husband`s not too happy.

  2. Maybe mother nature was having a day off when she invented menopause. Sweats, bloating, incontinence, migraine – men don`t know they`re born

  3. Menopause remedy – please let me know if anyone finds one x

  4. Glad I found this sight- at least I know I`m not going mad!! Anyone else out there who`s memory seems to be leaving them?

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