Novogen Promensil

Menopause Hormones

Menopause Relief Supplement

 Product Information:

Single ingredient formula

Manufactured under drug standards

Proven to relieve flashes, sweats & mood swings

Promotes breast health

menopause reviewOverview:

Originally called Novogen Redclover, Promensil is still popular for treating menopausal symptoms and contains isoflavines – which is recommended  for alleviating symptoms caused by oestrogen fluctuations. Promensil has been clinically tested with over 1,000 women, demonstrating that it may reduce the number and severity of hot flashes and studies have also shown bone loss is slowed with the use of 40mg isoflavones.

Promensil: What We Like

  • It does seem to reduce the frequency and the severity of  hot flashes
  • It`s not too badly priced  and works out at under $1.5  per tablet at the time of writing.

Promensil: What We Don`t Like

  • The manufacturers recommend it be taken for 8 weeks to determine effectiveness. We like results immediately!


It`s difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff with so many menopausal supplements on the market, but we particularly liked this one.  It`s an excellent choice and particularly good for hot flashes and night sweats, which in turn improves sleep and therefore stress levels. Although ladies who have been using it for many years swear that it also helps improve their hair, skin and nails .

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I am a Chiropractor and have recommended this product to many patients. When I began taking it I had hot flashes day and night, night sweats, emotional symptoms, memory symptoms, woke up in middle night and could not go back to sleep….Within 20 days, All, I mean ALL of my symptoms were gone. I have continued to take one a day since and feel great with no symptoms of menopause.


I’ve tried all the other products and none of them provided any help, and they all contain black cohosh, which causes (at least for me) stomach cramps and problems. This product works in a subtle way, without any side effects.


I’m not menopausal yet, but the doctor said I was perimenopausal. Which sucks! I have had a period for three months non-stop this time around. The time before that had been from 6 months to a year…honestly I lost count of the months and didn’t ever thing it would end. I did try some Progesterone Cream which helped the first time, but after I started back it wouldn’t work, that and it got a little irritating to my skin. So I decided to look for something else to try. I found these  and decided it was worth a try to even get my moods in line, I’m so glad I did!


I highly recommend This Product!


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