OsteoBuild Advantage

Product Information:

  • Build strong, resilient bones
  • Manufactured to exacting standards using highest quality raw materials
  • Produced under companys own SOPs that meet or exceed FDA GMPs
  • Contains a patented hops extract  which studies suggest help inhibit breakdown of bone.


Calcium makes up as much as 99% of your bone, so it’s essential to replenish it to help strengthen bones and reduce bone loss. It`s recognised that you’ll get far better results when you combine nutrients, rather than using just one.  As magnesium not only promotes bone growth, it helps  calcium work better and that’s why it`s  included in  OsteoBuild. Vitakin K, D , boron, lactase, and soy isoflavones are also part of the formulation.

OsteoBuild Advantage provides your bones with what they need to grow stronger and healthier. It contains:

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)Found in many foods including onions, asparagus, and wheat, and helps the pH of the intestinal environment to help promote increased mineral absorption including calcium and magnesium.


According to one  study, supplementing with divided doses of calcium (one at 9am the second at 9 pm) suppressed bone resorption during both day and night in early menopausal women

Vitamin D

In one study, healthy women, ages 58-67, were given Vitamin D as well as 1,000 mg calcium carbonate. After two years bone mass density of the lumbar spine increased 1.6% compared to placebo.

OsteoBuild: What We Like

  • Contains a combination of nutrients, including a patented product
  • Works on building new bone and also breaking down old bone. Which results in stronger bones
  • Free bottles available when you buy
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee offered

OsteoBuild: What We Don`t Like

  • No good if you`re lactose or dairy intolerant as it contains milk and soy
  • Take 3 capsules with your morning and evening meals – would would be better, but perhaps it would have to be  a lot bigger!


By getting the right balance of nutritional supplements you give yourself the best chance of building and maintaining strong and resilient bones. The trouble is that we can only tell you of our experience with OsteoBuild and as we are not physicians we cannot accurately state that this product will live up to its claims. However, there are several products that make similar claims and when we researched them against our check list, we liked what OsteoBuild were offering. Nowadays, we are advised that taking calcium isn`t enough and can only give you part of what you need to help reduce bone loss.



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