Phyto Soya


Product Information:

Original molecular structure that permits hydration and protection

Safe to use for the oestrogen intolerant

Clean and easy to use

personal lubricant


During the menopause, hormone secretions decrease, causing loss of moisture and lubrication which canresult in uncomfortable dryness. Phyto Soya Gel  contain soya isoflavones which have a gentle trophic action on the vaginal epithelium, which in turn encourages hydration and protection of the vaginal mucous membrane.

 Phyto Soya: What We Like

  • Lubricates and moisturises quickly and effectively
  • Recommended usage is twice weekly, so no daily application as some of its competitore recommend
  • No distasteful tackiness or unpleasant fragrance and no reported irritation
  • Easy to use – we liked the applicator

Phyto Soya: What We Don`t Like

  • Costs just over £10, which may seem expensive but if you don`t want to use an oestrogen based product, there isn`t a lot of choice


There are several lubricants on the market and of the ones we tested, this came out on top. Phyto Soya comes complete with its own applicator which makes it easier and more hygienic to use and less messy than some other brands. It offers immediate relief from the discomfort of vaginal dryness and has no fragrance or colour so is virtually undetectable.

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I am oestrogen intolerant so all the gels & creams prescribed by my doctor gave me all sorts of side effects. I found these when I was doing my own research on-line. In desperation I decided to give them a chance. I am pleased to say that so far they are doing the job. They cannot be used by anyone who is soya intolerant, but otherwise they are really worth trying. Long term use of oestrogen is not good anyway, so if you’re willing to go down the alternative route these may be for you. Good luck

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