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Red Clover for Menopause Relief

Product Information:

Has been shown in clinical trials to help reduce the frequency and severity of hot flushes and night sweats

The Red Clover isoflavone structure mimics the human body’s natural oestrogen

Interacts with human oestrogen receptors

promensil for menoapause


Originally called Novogen Redclover, Promensil is still popular for treating menopausal symptoms and contains isoflavines – which is recommended  for alleviating symptoms caused by oestrogen fluctuations. Promensil has been clinically tested with over 1,000 women, demonstrating that it may reduce the number and severity of hot flushes and studies have also shown bone loss is slowed with the use of 40mg isoflavones.

Promensil: What We Like

  • It does seem to reduce the frequency and the severity of  hot flushes
  • It`s not too badly priced  and works out at around 66p per tablet at the time of writing (just seen the exact same item in Holland and Barrett for £45.00!)

Promensil: What We Don`t Like

  • The manufacturers recommend it be taken for 8 weeks to determine effectiveness. We like results immediately!


It`s difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff with so many menopausal supplements on the market, but we particularly liked this one.  It`s an excellent choice and particularly good for hot flushes and night sweats, which in turn improves sleep and therefore stress levels. Although ladies who have been using it for many years swear that it also helps improve their hair, skin and nails.

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I used to get hot flushes quit bad. Through the night I would get flushes ( night sweats) would be so hot I couldn’t sleep properly. After taking red clover for a couple of weeks they went almost completely.


I would recomend this product fully


Night sweats, hot flushes, you name it I had it – and boy did I feel hot!! I tried a few products out there but none worked and so I thought that I would try something more `natural`. After reading several reviews, I plumped for Promensil and I`m glad to say that slowly, but surely, the occurrences and the severity of my flushes diminished. Nowadays, I may get a little hot around the neck area, but that`s as bad as it gets.

I say, give Promensil a try.

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