menopause help**WINNER FOR INFORMATION**

The Complete Menopause eBook

Our panellists absolutely loved this book and voted it a `must have` whether you`re peri or menopausal….Read Full Review


remifem hot flashes**WINNER FOR HOT FLASHES**

Remifem Therapy

Remifem is one of the best Estrogen free, herbal supplements for hot flashes and night sweats….Read Full Review


neutrogena for acneNeutrogena Acne Control

size-full Neutrogenas breakthrough MicroClear technology is clinically proven to boost the delivery of acne medicine….Read Full Review





menopause help


Balanced Woman

The testers loved the pump dispenser as the integrity of the product was preserved, it also absorbed into the skin pretty quickly…. Read Full Review




Novogen Promensil

Another all round supplement, this time in tablet form with Red Clover Extract, which claims to balance our hormomes….Read Full Review



reloramax for menopause**JOINT WINNER FOR ANXIETY RELIEF**


A good result was reported. Almost all testers did feel more relaxed and less anxious, but none found that it helped with weight loss….Read Full Review


for vaginal dryness**WINNER FOR VAGINAL DRYNESS**


One of the few products that appeared to offer relief for vaginal dryness and significantly improved the occurrence of hot flashes….Read Full Review





mendapause This product received mixed reviews. Half of the testers loved it and the other half noticed no relief at all and would not recommend you spend your money….Read Full Review


confident controlConfident Control

I was keen to find something that helped with bladder control as I had notices that I was leaking whenever I laughed  or sneezed and it was really embarassing and annoying….Read Full Review



sleep,rest,relaxFlora Sleep, Rest & Relax

mendapause I think we all experience feelings of stress and being overwhelmed at some stage in our life and while there are many prescription drugs that can be taken….Read Full Review



love goddessLove Goddess Elixir

If you need a little boost to kick your sex drive up a gear, this lovely little product is definitely worth checking out….Read Full Review





This is a product that split users. Revitol does seem to reduce the redness caused by rosacea and some testers loved it….Read Full Review