UK Reviews

menopause helpThe Complete Menopause eBook


Our panellists absolutely loved this book and voted it a `must have` whether you`re peri-menopausal or well into your menopause…. Read Full Review





I had heard great reports on this product, so was a little disappointed when I read the mixed reviews it received…. Read Full Review



 menopause symptomsPhyto Soya – Personal Lubricant


There are several lubricants on the market and of the ones we tested, this came out on top…. Read Full Review



promensil for menopausePromensil


Originally called Novogen Redclover, Promensil is still popular for treating menopausal symptoms…. Read Full Review



omega7Omega 7


There seems to be a general menopause supplement on every shelf and it`s sometimes tempting just to go for the cheapest…. Read Full Review


chillow pillowChillow Pillow


Some of our testers had tried the original Chillow Pillow, but all said that they prefer this newer version as it is double sided and much thicker…. Read Full Review



menopause acneUltraclear


Lots of acne creams advertised and lots tested, but overall, this is the one we we would recommend…. Read Full Review



menopause acneSkin Doctors


We weren`t too sure about this at first as `skin resurfacing` sounded painful, but apart from one lady who suffered a mild reaction, all the testers LOVED it…. Read Full Review