Sleep, Rest, Relax

Sleep, rest and relax

Product Information:

stress reliefLactium, a clinically researched milk peptide, supports relaxation and stress relief, received a European Award for Best Innovation in Health Ingredients

anxiety reliefProbiotics,  to support relaxed digestion for soothing support


sleep betterHighly absorbable zinc  helps to promote a naturally relaxed state.


Few things are more important than healthy sleep and Flora Sleep Rest & Relax features carefully selected,  ingredients  to support a healthy night’s sleep.

Flora Sleep, Rest & Relax: What We Like

  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • No drowsiness or known side effects
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Flora Sleep, Rest & Relax: What We Don`t Like

  • Only negative is the price – $39.95 at time of writing


I think we all experience feelings of stress and being overwhelmed at some stage in our life and while there are many prescription drugs that can be taken, I always prefer to try the natural route first. Interestingly, when I first tried Flora Sleep, Rest & Relax, I was experiencing a mild panic attack and suffering from a racing heart. Within minutes, I felt calmer and more relaxed and I was able to continue normally. I also liked the fact that I didn`t feel drowsy or spaced out, which can sometimes happen with prescription medication.

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Works just as it says. Sometimes I take only one pill and it still relaxes me and lets me fall asleep gently. – Allegra D.

I was skeptical at first…
I have always had problems with sound sleep. I was skeptical at first but decided to try your product. The very first time I tried it it worked! Even if I awaken during the night I am relaxed enough to fall back asleep, something I hadn’t been able to do in a very long time. – Diane W.
I love this product, i take it also during the day and it helps keep “…” me calm “…”  EXCELLENT!!!! – Marthy L.
I slept like a baby with flora sleep
I tried flora sleep and the first time I slept like a baby and all my stress that I had went away and the next day I felt great. Lora L.

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