menopause acne Product Description:

A highly potent and powerful acne treatment

Targets, problem skin, severe acne and blackheads

Money back guarantee offered

menopause acneOverview:

If you ever tried the original Ultraclear, you will immediately notice that this version is a little thicker than its predecessor and has quite a strong smell, but used twice daily it does work on most problem skins (especially with the really bad acne).

Ultraclear: What We Like

  • It  moisturises the skin without making it dry and flaky
  • Retailing at under £15,  it`s nicely priced
  • 100% money back guarantee

Ultraclear: What We Don`t Like

  • The packaging looks like a crime scene investigation site, with its stripey design
  • The smell is quite strong


If you have tried preparations in the past that haven`t worked and your acne is bad, Ultraclear is well worth considering”

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Within a couple of weeks my daughters skin was clear, but credit to her she applied it morning and night without fail, we’re almost into February and she still has a third of the tub left, her skin has remained clear and she has no dry skin from using this cream.  There is a 100% money back guarantee with it if you don’t think it’s any good, or it’s not working for you .  We hadn’t tried that many products before but we didn’t need to as this one put simply, works.


I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and will continue to use it because it is working for me, although I may go back to the non extreme cream if my skin continues to improve.

I would suggest you try this for a week to two weeks and see if you get an improvement. If you can, refrain from using any other treatments other than a face wash while you trial this product, as I think if you use benzoyl peroxide or freederm as well, your skin would get very dry.


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