Zenostim Weight LossProduct Description:

weight lossStimulant Free

weight loss pillsHelps Boost Metabolism & Suppress Appetite

diet pillsIncreases Energy Levels

diet pills100% Natural

Menopause Weight Loss


Zenostim was introduced as an aid to weight loss in April 2006 by Sakaii Research Incorporated. It is described as the best comprehensive weight reduction support on the market by Sakaii and has gained a lot of media attention, including mentions on 60 minutes and various magazines.

Much has been made of the fact that Zenostim contains Hoodia – which is very costly, difficult to get hold of and unsurprisingly subject to being substituted for cheaper ingredients in some preparations. Although there is no suggestion that Zenostim does not contain the genuine product, there is no official web site for Sakaii or Zenostim and so the claims that it contains genuine Hoodia cannot be substantiated.

Zenostim: What We Like

best diet pills  Zenostim contains no stimulants such as caffeine and ephedra which have been    known to cause hyper activity,   anxiety and insomnia in some cases.
top diet supplements  Fairly priced at around $20 for 120 capsules (at the time of writing)

diet pills  Does appear to help with weight loss in some cases

Zenostim: What We Don`t Like

weight loss supplement  Having no company web site and so no testimonials

weight loss pills  No special offers or a money back guarantees

diet pills review  No clinical availability of trials confirming the effectiveness of Hoodia


The main selling point for Zenostim is that it contains no stimulants. This may not seem such a big deal unless you have used products that do contain stimulants and you were still awake at 3am with your brain in over drive and your pulse racing. It also contains Chromium, which is helpful when your`re trying to lose weight and speed up your metabolism.

Whether it`s the power of positive beliefs, I`m not sure, but Zenostim does seem to help you feel fuller for longer and therefore the need to snack and eat sugary foods is reduced.

Weight loss is slow but steady, but of course you do have to eat a sensible diet and not rely on Zenostim to do all the work. As an aid to losing weight, it`s worth trying.

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