menopause signsThere is so much conflicting information surrounding menopause that I want to make sure all women everywhere are getting the most up to date information possible. This site is for all women like you and me. Women who are either just about to enter menopause, or who are already going through it. Feel free to browse through the site and if you have any comments or feedback or products that you recommend, I would love to hear from you.

We are all living longer than our ancestors and consequently research into menopause is relatively recent. When life expectancy was considerably shorter, most women did not live long after menopause and so little was known about it.

Hopefully, we are all more knowledgeable and aware of the changes that it can have on our mind and body and we easily recognise the first symptoms of menopause

Did you know that the largest study of its kind recently confirmed that around 60% of menopausal women suffer a dip in their ability to learn and retain information. So if you are having `memory wobbles`, you certainly are not alone. But the good news is that most will recover and the amount of learning should improve back to pre-menopausal levels after menopause.

And what about our periods and menopause? One of the first signs that you are entering your menopausal years, is the monthly cycle becoming unreliable. Unfortunately, it will remain this way for several years to come and it`s all down to the hormone production that slows down and causes most of the symptoms we experience.