Anxiety & Menopause


Menopause Anxiety

Menopause Anxiety

Approaching middle age is tough for many women.  The skin isn`t quite as smooth as it once was, the hair not quite as shiny and the body!!!  Trying to maintain any sort of reasonable shape almost becomes a full time occupation.  And as if all of these assaults on our confidence were not enough…along comes the biggie….menopause!

Add to the mix, bloating, incontinence and uncontrollable flatulence and the wrinkles don`t seem so bad.  Reaching middle age and accepting that our youth – and fertility – is behind us and we`re now members of the `older generation` is not easy.

The point is, that women really go through the mill in their late 40`s early 50`s.  Hormones are out of balance, changes are happening physically and emotionally and through it all, women are expected to keep smiling, put on a brave face and just get on with it (it`s a good thing that men don`t go through menopause, that`s all I can say).

It`s easy to see why some women suffer such pain and anxiety throughout these years and why support and understanding is vital to her well being.

People seem to forget that when a women reaches menopause, it`s a new experience for her.  It isn`t something that can be practiced or rehearsed until it`s perfect.  Menopause and it`s accompanying symptoms are foisted upon us females and we are just expected to know what to do.  Well do you know what, we don`t.  All of this is a new experience and so forgive us if we are sometimes tetchy for no reason…it`s the hormones.

The bottom line is, the more you are able to find out about menopause and what you can expect, the better you will be to prepare yourself.  Take the necessary measures to combat the changes within your body and who knows? You may not even be aware that you`re going through it!