Hair Loss & Menopause


Menopause Hair Loss

Menopause Hair Loss

Can you believe it?  After we`ve had to cope with stomach bloating, night sweats, memory loss and all the other unpleasant symptoms of menopause–now our hair is falling out–what`s that all about?

Although we hear a lot about male hair loss– especially from those males who suffer from it–very little is mentioned of female loss of hair. When a woman starts to lose her hair, it is particularly distressing as a woman`s hair is a part of who she is—it is also very much associated with her femininity and sexuality.

The most common type of hair loss for menopausal women, is estrogenic alopecia .  Estrogen is the hormone responsible for helping hair grow and when there are the correct levels in the body, the hair is thick and healthy.  When levels of estrogen drop, as they do during menopause, the result is hair loss.

Most people experience some hair thinning as they age, but for menopausal women the cause of hair loss is usually partially hormonal. But there are many other causes that may also play a role in hair loss during menopause including lifestyle and medical.

No-one can determine exactly how much hair will be lost and some women may only experience a mild loss, while others will suffer more significantly. In very extreme cases, the result can be partial or total baldness which is known as alopecia .

Unfortunately, no amount of expensive shampoo or hair products will make any difference as ultimately it is down to your body`s natural systems. But stress will only make the situation worse as anxiety itself may trigger hair loss.  It is certainly worth visiting your doctor as soon as you begin to notice excessive amounts of loss.  There are treatments available that he may be able to prescribe for you.